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The Empath Chronicles by Donna Eisner

Authors with 1 or 2 stories

Armageddon:PG-13, by Sage with Geminia
(A sequel to 'Only Sorrows, Only Truths' by Cobber and 'Epilogue to Only Sorows, Only Truths' by Dreamcatcher and Moon as found on Astrea's site)

The Storming of Renaissance Pictures:PG by Despoena, Bona Dea, and Geminia
A short round robin based on the 5th season and the Iolausians' unhappiness over the plot line. A therapeutic tale. < g >

The Iolausian's Golden Hammer by Bona Dea
A filk song about the 5th season storyline, based on the Beatles' song 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer'

Over the Rainbow:PG, by Iris
Iolaus meets a beautiful and mysterious young woman; meanwhile Callisto is back and after Hercules.

Ares' Challenge:PG, by Iris
The sequel to "Over the Rainbow". Iolaus plans to see the mysterious girl from "OTR" again, but Ares has other plans for her, Jason and the women of Corinth.

Fortune's Favor:PG, by Deb Gesner
Set after 'Not Fade Away'. Iolaus is having regrets that he didn't know his father better while he was alive. Fortune decides to help. As usual her plan goes astray.

A Father's Love:G by Hestia
Iolaus tries to deal with the death of his wife.

The Lady of the Forest(a work in progress):PG-13 by Jamie COMPLETED!
While travelling alone in the wilderness Iolaus meets a very unusual woman with a tragic past.
WARNING: This story contains implied sexual themes and mature subject matter.

Choices:PG, by Ceridwen
Ares forces Hercules to choose between his 'brother by heart' and his 'brother by blood'...but is there more to the God of War's plans than the demigod knows?

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